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    DN Class Information

DN Class Information

The DN class consists of two continental organizations: the IDNIYRA (North America) and IDNIYRA Europe. North America and Europe generally run their affairs, but we have more in common and work together towards common goals: To sail the same boat, on both continents, under the same racing rules and the racing format as similar as we can make it. The information presented on this page is the shared documents that make the DN class the most popular iceboat globally.


The DN is the largest iceboat class globally, so named because it was the winner of an iceboat design contest sponsored by the Detroit News in Detroit, Michigan, in 1937. The DN’s appeal is that it’s both home buildable and available from commercial manufacturers in North America and Europe. The DN class has embraced technical advances while keeping the home builder in mind. Those in North America may purchase plans on the DN North America website.


The IDNIYRA publishes an annual yearbook in December. The yearbook lists North American and European class officers, European Secretaries, Technical Committee, regatta histories, DN class specifications, governing documents, National Iceboat Authority documents, and more. IDNIYRA members may purchase a printed yearbook on the IDNIYRA website.

Racing Rules
The purpose of the rules is to prevent collisions. Infractions are cause for disqualification. Learn the basic sailing rules.
Championship History

There are three continental regattas on the IDNIYRA and IDNIYRA Europe calendar, the North American, European, and World Championships. The Race Committee determines a competitor’s fleet designation by a seeding system based upon their best finish from the previous two years.

International Rank List

The Continental Secretaries maintain a fleet ranking. This ranking is updated yearly using regatta results from the previous two Gold Cup, North American Championships, and  European Championships.


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