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A. Fuselage

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Effective May 31, 2020

A. Fuselage
11/24/56: Members (such as fiberglass, stringers, knees and longer stem blocks), may be added after the specifications have been complied with and providing the addition does not exceed the specifications.

11/10/73: Sides must be solid wood.

9/23/82: Fiberglass may be used between laminations of the side panels for reinforcing.

10/17/83 amended 1/19/2013: With respect to the hull side profile: the term proportional” will be defined as a “smooth curve” without reversing the line abruptly. Concave sections will not be allowed. A side profile is acceptable if there are no concavities, the maximum panel height is not exceeded, and the height at each station is not less than the specified minimum. Reference specifications A14 and A15.

3/18/89: The tiller post must be located forward of the bulkhead at the front of the cockpit. The tiller must be attached to the post at a point above the level of the deck. The sheet block that is installed on the tiller post (Specification H.17) must be attached to the tiller post at a point higher than the point of attachment of the tiller

3/26/89: Definition of deck as used in A.18: the deck is the covering on the top of the fuselage in the areas foreword and aft of the cockpit. The deck extends uninterrupted from the outside of the side panel on one side to the outside of the side panel on the other side.

4/15/91: In A.14, the depth of the side panels does not include the deck and bottom.

7/01/92: The bulkhead at the front of the cockpit must be solid wood and may not be hollow.

7/01/92: To comply with A.9, the forward most part of the stem or a portion of the stem if it is vertical, must comply with the minimum and maximum dimensions allowed.

12/15/2011: Rigging and fittings are not part of the integral structure or reinforcement of the fuselage and may be attached to the fuselage by mechanical fastenings and/or adhesives. The materials allowed in the rigging and fittings attached to the fuselage are optional providing they comply with the Specifications in sections H. and I. and the Interpretations in sections General, H., and I. The dimension and location of the rigging and fittings must comply with the Specifications in Sections A., H., and I. and the Interpretations in sections General, A., H., and I.

12/01/2012: In the side panels it is not allowed to use engineered or composite materials formed by binding particles or loose fibers of wood and fiberglass.

02/15/2013: The bow tang should not be included when measuring the length of the fuselage, specification A.1., and the distance from the bow to the front of the cockpit, specification A.7.


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