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H. Rigging

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Effective May 31, 2020

H. Rigging
01/01/78: Boom pulleys may not be attached inside the boom by slotting the bottom of a boom and inserting the pulley into the slot and then picking up the sheave with a bolt or rod.

01/01/82: A track may be mounted on the boom for sliders to which the pulleys may be attached.

09/23/82: Mounting Pulleys on deck or boom by any means is acceptable as long as the rope and sheave are outside the boom or deck. No recessed block will be allowed in which part of the sheave or rope is below the back deck. (see also 11/1/84 interpretation)

10/17/83: It is not allowed to use a shock absorber (spring) between side stay and the fitting on the end of the runner plank.

11/1/84: It is not permissible for any part of the sheet block, or any hardware integral with the mounting of the sheet block, to be below the projected top surface of the deck, with the exception of the screws or bolts used to fasten the hardware to the deck.

11/10/73 & 11/14/88: Cable may not be used in place of mast hound. Hound may be made from strap or plate material. No leaders or bridles allowed.


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