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G. Sail

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Effective May 31, 2020

G. Sail

1977: It is not legal to use two ply Dacron 6.5 oz cloth for the top panel and bottom panels for reinforcement.

9/1/99: It is legal to use Contender 6.5 oz. Polycote cloth in the construction of the sail.

5/6/04: The specification of weight is a nominal cloth weight. This specification of 6.5 oz/sq.yd. refers to a “sail maker’s yard”, which is 36” X 28.5“. Sails built prior to July 1, 2003, which complied with the specifications at the time of manufacture will be allowed in all IDNIYRA regattas.

11/29/2010: In specification G.9. the batten width is measured at 90 degrees to the length. Batten thickness is the smallest of the three dimensions, i.e. length, width, thickness. There are no restrictions on batten thickness.

11/29/2010: Specification G.12. excludes batten adjustment from the factors that alter sail characteristics. Battens may be fitted only in the pockets allowed in G.7. and may protrude from the pocket at the leach end for the purposes of providing a means to secure the batten in the sail and adjusting the tension. There is no restriction on the tensioning of battens in the pockets and at any time battens may be interchanged in the allowed pockets.

11/20/2011: The batten pockets in all sails made prior to 1/1/2012 shall lie at 90 degrees plus or minus 8 degrees to the leech. These sails may be used in all DN races, including all championships. All other sails must comply with Specification G.8.


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